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The 5th Kyllburg Art Route starts on June 9th

Das Tor von Ben Hirtz - Kunstroute Kyllburg 2024

The Kyllburg Art Route is celebrating an anniversary in 2024: sculptures, artistic interventions and land art will be on display for the 5th time on the “Hahn” – Kyllburg’s town park. The Kyllburg art route celebrates “Art and nature in harmony”.
The curatorial team of the Kyllburg Art Route selected 10 artists from a large number of regional, national and international applications. Two further works of art were created by self-taught artists from Kyllburg and the surrounding area, who are happy to take part. The organizer of the art route is the Kyllburg Verein(t) association. There is also an extensive supporting program.
The Kyllburg Art Route is part of the Rhineland-Palatinate Cultural Summer. The motto of the Rhineland-Palatinate Cultural Summer 2024 is “Compass Europe: Stars of the South”. The Kyllburg Art Route is therefore pointing its compass south and interpreting the motto of the Kultursommer with “Color & Light”.

The new works of art on the Kyllburg 2024 art route were created by
Dagmar Engels, Heinz Grün, Elisabeth Hatscher, Bien van Heek, Ben Hirtz, Christof Janik, Theo Kemen, Timo Leemans and Amber Rijcken, Adina Medrut, Christine Nicolay, Toni Nemes, Lydia Oermann.

The selected and invited artists come from the Netherlands, Cologne, Wiesbaden and the Eifel region. Their works, such as “Das Tor”, “Für unsere toten Freunde”, “Anders sehen!”, “Kyllia”, “Warten auf…” complement the 20 or so existing works of art from previous art routes that can be found along the three-kilometre route. The Kyllburg art route takes in the “Hahn” town park all the way up to the collegiate church and its cloister with its paradise. It links art, people who work artistically or want to express themselves, and nature. The special thing about it: Many people from Kyllburg are now taking part and getting involved, from helping with the preparations to creating their own works. In this way, the Kyllburg art route creates space for participation and places it alongside artistic intervention. This creates attractive encounters between art and nature, art and the work of people in the Eifel or sculpture, color and light.

Olivier Rijcken says of the curatorial team’s selection process for the participating artists: “The discussion process is intensive and not easy. The subject matter or the materials used played a role. It is important to us that they are ecological. The process of creation is also important, such as whether the works are created locally in Kyllburg. We would also like to offer more young artists the opportunity to participate. This year, we have noticed that the theme has brought more color into the ‘Hahn’ and thus more variety, such as the mirrors by Cologne artist Lydia Oermann.”


Festival for the opening of the Kyllburg art route

June 9, 2024, 2-6 pm (admission 1.30 pm)
Cloister of the collegiate church
Auf dem Stift 2

The program for the opening

The following will speak:
– Teneka Beckers, General Director of Kultursommer Rheinland-Pfalz
– Maria Arvanitis, Managing Director Tourist Information Bitburger Land
– Town Mayor Wolfgang Krämer (only a brief welcome)
Open tour of the works of art on the Kyllburg art route on the “Hahn”.
Contributions at surprising places along the art route by
– Bernd Imgrund, bestselling author with musical contributions
– Ursel Hirtz, storyteller and artist
In the cloister
– Band “Dorfstraße 4” from Belgium