Waiting four times for…

Theo Kemen paints trees in the ‘Hahn’. Four of them with four life-size figures. A quartet in which each of the figures has its own role. They are waiting. They are waiting for colour, for light, for peace and for tolerance.
Kemen explains his intention: ‘The viewer is encouraged to decide whether to wait, hope or take action.’
In his analysis of the current political and social situation, Kemen concludes that there is a lack of colour and light, causing people to despair. Art plays an important role, as it is able to influence society and enable change.
Kemen: ‘A society without art is a poor and pitiable society.’
The curatorial team states: ‘Kemen raises social and political questions and, with his projections on the trees of the “Hahn”, manages to contextualise and visualise them within the Art Route. Kemen thus takes up Helmut Schwickerath’s tradition of artistically posing political questions in the “Hahn”.’
Kemen lives and works as a freelance artist and sculptor in Wiesbaden. He studied Graphic Design in Trier and then at the Art Academy in Mainz.

Theo Kemen