This work leans heavily on the advertised theme of “abundance”; it evokes associations with the Roman goddess Ceres or her Greek equivalent Demeter as the goddess of agriculture and fertility. Her attribute is the poppy pod. This is often used as an element of the headdress of Ceres and Demeter.
The poppy capsule embodies the theme of “abundance” in a special way. The poppy capsule, which fascinates with its striking and shapely fruit cover, embodies the theme of “abundance” in a particularly vivid way with its countless tiny seeds.
Based on this inspiration, the life cycle of the poppy plant – from the bud to the opening flower to the fully blossomed plant and the ripe poppy capsule – is vividly depicted in oversized format.


Dorothée Bores, born in Trier, grew up in Kyllburg and St. Thomas. Studied in Kaiserslautern, Mainz and Heidelberg. Master’s degree and doctorate in book studies with minors in German studies and art history. Afterwards freelance work as author and editor, mainly in the field of book design and illustration. Despite all her “theory”, she has never let go of her practical involvement with the visual arts. And so it is perhaps only logical that her life path has led her back to artistic practice by accepting a position as a teacher. Since 2019, she has taken great pleasure in teaching the subject of visual arts at PWG Wittlich and also devotes her free time to artistic creation. Last year she participated with some sculptural works in the joint exhibition “Bürgerkirche St. Gangolf” (November/December 2022).