A rock wall with depressions and crevices opens the eyes to a wealth of discoveries, what lives hidden inside. In front of and inside this rock wall, ornamental colored stones and objects are installed, like gifts of thanksgiving. They invite all who pass by to pause and help shape this place into a playground of natural abundance and beauty.
From the ground, interwoven vegetation grows into this space and creates its own paths. With a colorful weave of sparkle, it continues to grow. It also invites astonished pausing, which can bring in small additions.
Rüdiger Steiner will animate and change this place himself performatively and sculpturally – gladly also with appointments with interested people for it.


Coming from sculpture, Rüdiger Steiner moves with his projects and installations between art-work, experiential process, body and consciousness work. He creates spatial situations in which a plastic, spatial and physical encounter can take place. Thereby intuitive impulses are brought into an acting-communicative togetherness or into the environment.