Time and effect

Toni Nemes poses the question of time and nature in the context of their effect on artistic works and their visibility and interpretation. Nemes presents a photo installation in the cloister of the collegiate church as part of the Kyllburg Art Route, which is also inspired by impressions from the 2021 floods. Nemes took a photograph of a figure on a capital carved in sandstone from Kyllburg. The real figure is over 500 years old. The native of Kyllburg exposed the photo to the effects of wind and weather. This installation shows what these have done to the photo in just one and a half years.

Nemes investigates the untold story behind the figure: was it a he or a she? His photos, which visualise short-term impermanence, enter into a direct dialogue with the stone figure and its enigmatic history in the cloister.

The curatorial team: ‘With his photo installation, Nemes raises existential questions in the context of art, culture and nature, and their legibility and recognisability over the course of time. It is about the question of forgetting and blurring traces in space and time. What does that do to the stories behind them?’

Nemes lives and works in St. Thomas and has a background in urban street photography. He currently works mostly in the Eifel region. He has been taking photographs since the age of 16. The qualified publicist describes himself as an autodidact in artistic photography.

Toni Nemes