It started with the stories.
Stories, fairy tales, myths, if they have been left their original power, are connected to fundamental things and hold a wealth of images and symbols, and through the inner images they activate in us, they awaken our own fullness and our liveliness.
They are always with me. Working with them is my basis.
Stories, fairy tales and myths work with the imagination. Sometimes, however, it pushes outward in another form, into visibility. Then my installations come into being. Objects. The old stories are always part of it. They are part of the installation.
Life in its complexity means constant movement. Nothing is static. Nothing is fixed. But that also means: nothing is really certain. Nothing is finished. Everything is fragile. A fragment. Open ends everywhere…


Ursel Hirtz first studied sociology and German language and literature without a degree. Then she began her artistic activity by learning free artistic work with the sculptor Günter Mancke in the artists’ settlement Weissenseifen. She completed training as a certified storyteller and fairy tale therapist, leading with and on images.
“Language as a creative act” she learned from Margarethe Mancke.
For many years she has worked with stories, alone as a storyteller or with musicians.
She gives seminars and workshops on self-awareness with pictures and completed additional training in “Active Imagination” and other courses such as “Dance Therapy” at the C. G. Jung Institute in Cologne.