Ten wooden figures stand in the forest, each individually designed. They are equipped for the journey north. Why are they setting out? It is the next generation that is growing up. Generation Alpha will have to deal with the consequences of global warming. Storms, floods, heat and cold waves threaten those just born.

The installation by Josiane Ginter was created in cooperation with the Kyllburg daycare center. Each child made a silhouette of themselves on paper and painted it with winter clothing. Josiane Ginter transferred these pictures to wood, sawed out the contours and then worked the wood with the carving knife. In the end, the color design took place.


The woodcuts of Josiane Ginter surprise already at first sight by their impressive size. The only motifs on them are predominantly female figures with strongly elongated proportions that radiate a brittle elegance. The monumentality of the beautifully linear, almost ornamental depictions is supported by the colorful treatment of the surfaces. A special technique of rolling in the printing blocks several times creates a variety of structures that bring the print close to painting. The artist works with the positive and negative form of the sawed out wooden plates and she produces only unique pieces. The intensive working process demands all her mental and physical effort, which is evident in the intense effect of the large formats.

Josiane Ginter runs a studio in Malberg, but lives in Luxembourg.