Lydia Oermann reflects light, nature and colourfulness

Colourfulness and light – Cologne artist Lydia Oermann takes up the motto of the Art Route 2024 in several ways with her colourful and semi-transparent printed mirrors. She holds up an artistic mirror to nature in the ‘Hahn’. She uses colour and circular shapes to create counterpoints in nature. New images emerge and change through the natural influences or the perspective of the viewer, and the mirrors reflect the light.
The artist writes: ‘Mirrors are toys of light and tools of perception. They symbolise a change of perspective and create illusions. I find the contrast between nature and its colours and the round mirrors placed there appealing and stimulating. It is an aesthetic intervention in nature that does not destroy it, but rather brings new impulses.’
The curatorial team states: ‘Lydia Oermann’s intervention impressively emphasises the motto of this year’s Kyllburg Art Route.’
The artist spent her youth in Bitburg-Erdorf, is familiar with Kyllburg since childhood and worked in Trier for a long time. Oermann, who studied Fine Arts at the Studio for Art Education in Bonn, has lived and worked in Cologne for seven years.

Lydia Oermann