For our dead friends

They can be found everywhere: in the memento mori, in the dance of death, in countless books, in pictures or now on the Kyllburg Art Route with heart and hat, skeletons. In this case, created by Heinz Grün.
Grün is self-taught and creates sculptures and decorative items with wood. He has already been actively involved in the Celtic Compass and this year’s Art Chairs on the Art Route. His skeleton sculptures, which play music, dance, laugh and celebrate, can be seen in the cloister of the collegiate church. They were created from around 2,000 individual pieces – mostly poplar wood – over a period of about a year.
Grün comments on his intention to erect small monuments to people from our immediate neighbourhood who have passed away: ‘They have left us and yet they are still with us. They live on in our thoughts and hearts, just as we knew them. This installation is a tribute to those who were important to us in our lives.’
The curatorial team: ‘With the self-taught artist Heinz Grün, the idea of the Art Route lives on: to bring people from the Eifel region into contact with art, to inspire and integrate them and their special abilities and to give them the space to express themselves freely through art. The skeletons are unique in their design and convey a joy of life.’

Heinz Grün