For Hedi Schon, the topic of “abundance” is closely linked to an intact cycle. Nature can only produce abundance if all necessary components are sufficiently and healthily present. Water is a central component of nature.
The glass installation shows the path of rainwater from the gutter to the cistern.


Hedi Schon was born in Kyllburg and grew up in Bruderholz. She has a very special relationship to Kyllburg, to the city park Hahn and especially to the collegiate church.
She is fascinated by the subject of land art, especially with regard to environmental protection and nature conservation. As an all-round artist with special skills as a glass artist, she enjoys working with a wide variety of materials.

  • 1984-85 studies of art history and geography, Trier
  • 1985-87 Training as an art glazier, Trier
  • 1998-2000 advanced training “designer in the craft”, Saarbrücken
  • since 2004 extra-occupational regular attendance of the European Academy of Arts, Trier
  • Project studies in painting with Prof. Cony Theis