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Guided tours are possible for a donation, but require timely planning. Please contact us through this website.

Welcome to the third Kunstroute!

All the pieces of the puzzle have been made, found and put together in the last few weeks. Now we welcome you to the third edition of the Kyllburg Art Route. The 15 existing works from 2019 and 2021 will be joined by 16 new works of art. We have also improved the route this year, including a new path and clear signage to guide the unfamiliar visitor back to the starting point.

The theme of the route was given by the Kultursommer Rheinland-Pfalz as Compass Europe: East Wind. So this year we are pointing our Celtic compass towards the east. Because the sun rises there and there are new opportunities every day, we have translated this as hope. After last summer’s floods, this is exactly what the Eifel needs. The artists help us with their views and their sometimes completely different view of the world.

We wish you a good time. Go with a curious mind and an open heart, maybe you will discover things that others have not yet seen.

This Kunstroute was made possible with financial support of local municipalities, foundations, organisations, companies and the effort of many local Kyllburgers. As Kunstroute team we are thankful for this support. We see it as an encouragement to carry on and expand the Kunstroute. In the coming years, we hope to create an attractive route where people can enjoy art and nature all year around. If you want to support us please do so by liking our Facebook page, tipping friends or by giving a financial donation.
If you are interested in a guided tour please check our set dates and reserve by mail (max 25 p ). A tour on another date is also possible but needs to be planned well in advance. Please mail us so we can see what can be arranged.

Further practical tips:
– Be receptive and curious, you may discover things we have not yet seen
– Please be so kind to not leave any litter.
– Enjoy being out there!

Kind greetings from the Kunstroute-team!

Deep within ourselves we carry hope:
If we do not, there is no hope.
Hope is a quality of the soul and does not depend on what happens in the world.
Hope is not predicting or foreseeing.
It is a focus of the mind, a focus of the heart, anchored beyond the horizon.
Hope in this deep and powerful sense is not the same as joy because everything is going well,
or a willingness to work for that which is successful.
Hope is working for something because it is good, not just because it has a chance of success.
Hope is not the same as optimism, nor is it the conviction that something will turn out well.
It is the certainty that something makes sense regardless of the outcome.

Vaclav Havèl

The art route is not barrier-free!

Because the art route mostly leads over natural forest paths, the circular route is not barrier-free. Most works of art may be accessible with all-terrain wheelchairs, but this cannot be done on the circular route.

My sculpture can last for days or a few seconds — what is important to me is the experience of making.
I leave all my work outside and often return to watch it decay.

Andy Goldsworthy, Land-Art Artist


Kunstroute 2019


A brief review of the installations on the last Kunstroute.

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