Nothing is lost – emerging to the light

The work ‘Emerging to the Light’ by Dagmar Engels for the Kyllburg Art Route 2024 uses the shape of the cocoon and interprets it. The cocoon is a protective housing and a natural changing room for butterflies. Engels symbolically assigns the cocoon the past, from which new things emerge. She sees nature as a refuge of the will to survive, of strength and ability. The artist thus looks at these cycles and mechanisms of nature and existence. The cycle of decay and emergence, of death and life, of stagnation and development.
Engels: ‘We can trust in the self-preservation of creation. Nothing is lost …’
Engels’ cocoon artworks thus symbolise the eternal cycle that she interprets so artistically: ‘From darkness to light – from concentration to expansion’. The qualified designer assigns functions to her objects, such as protection, preservation or separation of outside and inside.
The curators: ‘Dagmar Engels places her work exemplarily in the context of this year’s theme of the Kyllburg Art Route and uses it for intensive artistic reflection on nature and the cycle.’
Engels has been working as an artist for 25 years and has a studio in Eckfeld.

Dagmar Engels