This work by Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti is a reflection on the loss of deep listening and the lack of time that has taken possession of us. To listen to those who are constantly in change, we are sometimes asked to pause and give voice to the loud silence. It plays with the concept of “nesting” as an interactive playground, in the form of a nest has. It is fragile to engage with our recurring human experience. It is a force to take care of our multiple transformational needs throughout our lives. A nest invites you to wrap yourself up, retreat, nourish and immerse yourself in a timeless experience. A nest as a collection of random landscape possibilities in an organized hyper-egocentric viewpoint; if we play closely with our own perspective, we may be able to play with the forest perspective.


Ibelisses artistic work moves between performance, theater, music, installation and composition. Ibelisses fascination is based on our bodies as mirrors, maps and reflections of our identity and how these things are closely related to our environment, places and spaces we live in. Her work likes to flirt with poetry, absurdism, spirituality and surrealism. The basis of her work revolves around the words “surrender” and “trance.” These are always recurring aspects in her wide variety of works and participations in different disciplines. She invites visitors to reflect on how our bodies can reach a state of reflection through our senses that is not commonplace. Her commitment, playfulness and willingness to surrender to the pleasures of curiosity allow her to create new playgrounds and thus always immerse ourselves in our bodies, reaching our immediate environment.