The shop windows as part of the Kyllburg 2024 art route

The events and exhibitions in the Kyllburg shop windows bring the art route to life in the town. Participation is lived here. Citizens make their collections available and artists stage them. Photography by people from the Eifel finds an exciting presentation framework. The shop windows are:

Pavilion Eifeler Hof, Hochstrasse 2: “The world at an angle”, split model railroad by Erich Weiler designed by Mimi van Bindsbergen and Isolde Carrara.

Hochstrasse 6: Wedico model trucks by Horst Zinnen designed by Ursel Hirtz.

Bahnhofstrasse 2: “You are never alone in nature…”
Photographs for an extended, somewhat different perspective. Isolde Carrara and Peter Ott.

Bahnhofstrasse 2: The Kyllburg sports club playfully staged by Olivier Rijcken.

Shop window at the tunnel, Bahnhofstrasse: Pictures of saints from the collection of Daniel Humpert amazingly arranged by Mimi van Bindsbergen, Isolde Carrara and Ursel Hirtz.

Bademer Strasse 6, shop window opposite the pizzeria: a collage by Joke Platenkamp with photos of the construction of the Art Route 2023. The photos were taken by Joke Platenkamp and Toni Nemes.