The fall of 2022 was a so-called mast year. The trees responded by overproducing seeds to preserve their species. A still largely unexplored climate-related “panic reaction” that costs the tree a lot of energy. Oak trees in particular produced an incredible abundance of fruit last year. Each acorn has a cap. These capsules, as a remnant of the harvest, combined with the eternally reusable clay, form the basis and inspiration for this work. A work that was created from nature and in the course of time merges with it again. This is intended to create an experience for the visitor that expands their awareness of the world around them.


Lucia Keidel’s work takes us on a sensitive and poetic journey where reality becomes abstract and abstraction becomes real. As an interdisciplinary artist, she sensitizes herself to her environment through close observation, fieldwork and research. Through her works, she brings to life what it means to live with and as part of nature, as we must perceive what the earth is telling us.
With a background in visual arts and experience in stage design and constructive and sculptural work with clay, she is currently completing her studies in Interdisciplinary Arts in Maastricht.
In her performative works she works with film, sound, movement and the tactile properties of organic materials. Both the process of creation and the result refer to the current conditions of the environment and to her own perception of sensory experiences. This kind of exploration creates a sensitization and learning process that leads to a constantly evolving result.