Adina leaves a window open

An open window – two worlds, that is the idea behind artist Adina Medrut’s idea for the Kyllburg Art Route 2024. According to the artist, these worlds are connected. On one side the future, on the other the past. These are revealed through colour and depth.
Medrut writes: ‘In this open window, light and colour interweave in a captivating story of human evolution and changing perspectives.’
The curators say: ‘The idea of an open art window is an inspiring thought for the Art Route 2024, which itself opens up the “Hahn” and Kyllburg to art and helps it to come into its own at this special location. Medrut impressed the curators with her sculptural approach.’
Adina Medrut received an artistic education and lives and works in Kyllburg. She is participating in the Kyllburg Art Route for the second time.

Adina Medrut