A multidimensional experience of blue

Ben Hirtz brings his artistic blue onto and into the ‘Hahn’. For the first time, the blue is not only part of his sculpture, but can also be passed through on the Art Route; through ‘The Gate’. After the blue line that marked the forest’s own dynamics in the static moment, the blue curtain that visually reflected the wind in the forest and allowed intriguing views up and through, the blue can now be experienced in a multidimensional form. The artist erects ‘The Gate’ from blue branches and forms them into a ring-circle. ‘The Gate’ divides the path into a before and behind. Anyone moving towards it recognises the artistic intervention. Those who stop in the middle of the gate are close to the blue – those who glance back change their perspective. The dimensions of near and far, colour and light gain in significance and focus.
Hirtz’s sculpture ‘The Gate’ is an opportunity: Each individual can interactively find their perspective and view of art, nature, light and colour.
The jury says: ‘The appeal of Ben Hirtz’s sculptures in the ‘Hahn’ lies in the fact that, focussing on his artistic blue, he always succeeds in adding a new dimension to his work and making it tangible. Hirtz’s blue is a prominent part of the Art Route.’
The academically educated artist Ben Hirtz has been active as an artist for more than 50 years and lives and works in Malbergweich in the Eifel region.

Ben Hirtz