This meandering stone wave with found stones from the immediate surroundings was created as a joint object by Benjamin Hirtz and Olivier Rijcken. The installation invites you to linger and decorate it with your own “cairns”.


“Artistic work is the freedom to follow unknown paths.”

Benjamin Hirtz, born 1955, trained in art, design, crafts and art education in various studios and training centers. Self-employed as a sculptor, designer, teacher.

After working with heavy stone and other material, at the moment I am more interested in the sketchy. It is light and free and not finished … leaves room for the imagination and challenges the viewer to follow their own inner images and processes and to deal (with them).

A mark draws attention to something that has been there all along but is not (anymore) perceived. It invites to deal with it. It is an act of becoming aware.

Werk-Portfolio Freie Kunst Benjamin Hirtz (PDF 2,75 MB)


Olivier Rijcken, born 1967 in Aduard (Netherlands), is an illustrator and artist. He draws attention to the perspective of a more just and sustainable world through his art, his dolers and the visualization of change and learning processes.

Since 2011 he has been engaged in making dolers: painted on walls, cut into wood, raked on sandy beaches or mowed on lawns. He did this in various locations in Norway, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Ethiopia. One of the challenges for him is to use only environmentally friendly materials and interventions.