Nature automatically shows the form of energy that is present. Two large trees next to each other, with the roots of one making a left-turning movement and those of the other making a right-turning movement. Scattered stones laid in such a way as to show these turning movements. Between the trees, these two movements come together. The male and female energies are connected.

The compass showed us that this place (seen from the path) is exactly in the north, where the end and the new beginning, the eternal, come together and merge.


Katherina Bornefeld, *1961, Schorndorf, Germany, musician and drummer since 1983 with the internationally known Dutch band The Ex with almost 2000 performances, made various trainings as a healer (massage, sound massage, gemstone therapy, reiki, shamanism).
Lives in Kyllburg since 2018.

In her work she seeks out the original life energy to let it flow freely and serve people for inspiration. For her it is important that people become authentic again, work in community on common goals, free themselves from limiting thought patterns and take their lives into their own hands as their own captain on their own ship, harmoniously and in harmony with nature.


Mimi van Bindsbergen, *1965, Babberich, Netherlands. Lives and works in Malberg since 2018. The focus of her work is painting, (nude) drawing and etchings.
In her paintings the artist shows the landscape as a memory and how man moves in it.