MÄANDER is a team of creative people from again Speicher e.V., Kulturwerk Weißenseifen, Kunstroute Kyllburg and Burg Dudeldorf e.V..
We want to leave colorful traces together with you and try out new things. Through art, nature and exchange, we want to make our surroundings more vibrant in order to bring people together and help shape the future. We are particularly looking forward to experimenting and getting creative with you in our workshops on the Kyllburg art route. An exhibition with some of the artworks created will take place in fall 2024.

Participation is free of charge.

Duration: 10 am to 5 pm.
Catering is provided.
Meeting point: Haus der Begegnung, Marktplatz, Kyllburg,

Flyer Workshops Kunstroute 2024 herunterladen.

The following workshops are offered:

Saturday 22.6.2024: Colored stones

Rüdiger Steiner

Rüdiger Steiner

with Rüdiger Steiner

Sculpting for children & teenagers

Age: 8 to 16 years (max. 10 participants)

Children and young people can carve or rasp their own shapes in soft tuff stones – geometric shapes such as crystals, faces of stone creatures or simply signs and traces.

The stones are painted with color and those who like can then place them in the forest of the art route.

Please register with ruediger-steiner@gmx.de

Saturday 20.7.2024: Land art in the forest for children and young people

Ben Hirtz

Ben Hirtz

with Benjamin Hirtz

Age: 10 to 14 years (max. 10 participants)

Branches, string, wood, stones . . . some I bring with me, some we look for together in nature. Laying, joining together, straightening . . . outside in the forest. Maybe we also need some wire . . . and tools . . . environmentally friendly paint . . . and at some point nature will take it back . . . (and we the wire)

Binding registration at: bwhirtz@gmail.com


Saturday 17.8.2024: Color and texture from nature

Dorothée Bores

Dorothée Bores

with Dorothee Bores

Age: 10 to 14 years (max. 12 participants)

Everyone has already used store-bought paints. We want to make our own colors: Preparing collected soils and plants, processing fruit and vegetables – sieving, grinding, extracting. We will use the color pigments obtained to test different binders and create color charts that provide an overview of the colors obtained. We use sticks, grasses, straw and other natural materials to make our own “brushes” for applying paint. After trying out the painting utensils, we will create individual, large-format portraits – “People of the Forest”, based on works by Rolf Iseli. We will apply colors and filling material, scratch and scrape, enhance the effect of our natural colors by using less strong pigments, oil pastels and natural materials.

Please send a binding registration to dorothee.bores@gmx.de