A damaged tree in the Collegiate Forest.
Large areas of sapwood exposed.
Loss of bark, bast, cambium is injury, giving access to pests. In the limited oval, the bare skin of the tree is exposed.
Symbolism of attempted closure through injury-soothing containment with tree balsam.

Hope for cooperation of the materials and successful healing.


Leonie Mertes *1967 lives and works in the southern Eifel. Waypoint as the European Art Academy Trier and various group exhibitions led to the study of liberal arts at the University of Fine Arts Saar. (Diploma in 2022, currently master studies with Prof. Katharina Hinsberg) Current focus is on works WITH and IN the paper. Open and sensitive to nature, LANDART in Kyllburg presents itself as a new challenge. In the context of the theme of nature, the work in the paper reflects in its core the violation of nature and the approach of healing.