‘The Dryad’ blurs boundaries

Elisabeth Hatscher brings the material felt as raw wool to the ‘Hahn’ and calls her object ‘The Dryad’, which will amaze visitors.
‘The Dryad’ comes from the world of fantasy. Hatscher calls her a ‘mysterious nature spirit’ and roots her in the tradition of Greek mythology of tree nymphs. Visitors to the Art Route should associate freely when they encounter the ‘dryad’ and create their own individual stories or experiences. The light, the shadows in the forest or the weather make ‘The Dryad’ change colour in its warm earth tones.
The artist: ‘The felt object blurs the boundaries between human and animal, reality and myth.’
The curators: ‘Hatscher’s approach of defining culture as a window to “nature” and exploring the influence of culture on the perception of “nature” is very convincing.’
Hatscher studied Fine Art at the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main and was a master pupil of Christa Näher. She lives and works in Diefenbach:

Elisabeth Hatscher