Art Chairs as a participatory project

The Art Chairs are located on the bridge over the Kyll. You can sit on them and look at the ‘Star of the South’, which is also located on the bridge. The Art Chairs are the signal in the centre of Kyllburg for the Art Route. More than any other project, the art chairs symbolise the fun of collaborative creation by those involved in the Kyllburg 2024 Art Route. Designed by Christine Nicolay and Dagmar Engels, Heinz Grün, Ben Hirtz and Peter Ott spent several days at the Zahnen mill designing, sawing and fitting the five art chairs with human and animal motifs made from poplar wood.
The Art Chairs are not about the idealisation of classical art forms or their reception. This is not the aim. The Art Chairs project connects people in Kyllburg, the region and their artists in a very engaging and ambitious way. The Art Chairs thus represent an idea that has inspired the Art Route from the very beginning: Anyone and everyone who wants to, can get involved and participate. By working together, the Art Route not only creates connections, but also emotional experiences and adventures that broaden the horizons of everyone who participates. This is what makes the Art Route humane, sustainable and unique. The Art Chairs become a participatory symbol of a community that finds itself through art. The Kyllburg Art Route places the participation of all in art on an equal footing with the question ‘When does something become art?’.