A pre-dated Apocalypse

Christof Janik takes visitors to the Kyllburg Art Route 2024 back to the future of the year 2124 and brings the sea into the ‘Hahn’. It sounds crazy, but 300 to 400 million years ago it was not so distant as the Western Eifel was flooded by a tropical sea. Today, the coral reefs are eroded and fossilised. By 2024, it is estimated that 50 per cent of coral reefs in the world’s oceans will be dead. Janik’s work draws attention to this. He pre-dates his work ‘Bad Trip’ to 2124. Janik’s story: ‘Bad Trip’ was created 100 years ago out of concern for the future of coral reefs. According to the narrative, it is being reshown on the 50th anniversary of the artist’s death and is a reminder of coral extinction and its serious consequences for the marine ecosystem and for humanity. At the same time, there has been and continues to be a dramatic decline in biodiversity. Janik’s art allows us to take a mental trip back in time. Be reassured that Janik lives and fears with his work, which he pre-dates to the year 2124: ‘The extinction of corals led to a global crisis that was ecologically, socially and economically of worldwide proportions.’
The curators: ‘’Bad Trip’ is thought-provoking due to its multidimensional irritation. This fits in the Art Route.’
Janik, also known as Krzysztof Janik, has lived and worked in Ammeldingen/Eifel since 2013 and studied at the European Art Academy in Trier.

Christof Janik