A complex path to paradise

This is not the first time Christine Nicolay has been active as an artist on the Kyllburg Art Route. In 2023, her work was displayed in front of the former monastery on the Stiftsberg. This year, Nicolay is daring to step through the wooden door and enter into an artistic dialogue with the collegiate church and the cloister.
The artist interprets the cloister as ‘the earth as a living body’. Nicolay refers to the numerous depictions of the Virgin Mary and the associated devotion in the parish church. According to the artist, Mary represents for her the ‘mother goddess’ and the feminine principle ‘that accompanies us from the very first moment’.
The artist writes about her work: ‘My sculptures have recalled these primal states and allowed themselves to be touched by them. They are figurative/abstract forms, lost and found objects, texts, graphics, akin to a sculptural contemplation. I walk through them and can meditate on my circle of life, the forces of life and our existence.’
The curatorial team: ‘After the great work at the gates of the cloister, we are looking forward to Christine Nicolay’s meditative works, which will also enrich our opening festival.’
Nicolay studied sculpture and cultural education at Alanus University. She lives and works in Greimerath/Eifel and maintains her sculpture garden there.

Christine Nicolay