Inside the Chapel of Hope, a little tree is growing. Is there any hope that it will survive and grow into a stately beech?


Maarten Brinkman (1962) says about his art: “Nature is my greatest source of inspiration. In nature everything is different and yet the same. Everything is simple, but complex. Everything is known and very unknown. Criteria that good art must meet.
I had my first experience with art as a seven-year-old boy. While playing with sand, I discovered that each grain of sand had a different shape and color. I sorted the grains by color and suddenly had a collection. It was a magical moment for me, because how could something worthless and so small become so important?

In my art, I look for the point where the mundane becomes art. For me, this moment is magical because it makes the imagination visible. It is the point where a line becomes a drawing and yet is both. This moment is enchanting, intangible and immeasurable.

By working with everyday materials and simple techniques, I get a better view of the turning point; what to add or what to leave out. The interventions I make need to be clear and precise. Sometimes I just have to make the viewer see reality differently.