21. April 2021 ChristianSchmidt

Kunstroute Kyllburg will take place

Bewegung in Stein

Now that the Kultursommer Rheinland-Pfalz has added the Kyllburg art route to its calendar of events, we are pleased to announce that the full extent of the art route will take place this year. Thanks to the commitment of the cultural summer, and not least thanks to the support of numerous individual donors, foundations and organizations, the financing of the project is secured. The active participation in crowdfunding by Volksbank Eifel eG also played a large part in this – around € 3,300 have been donated so far. The crowdfunding will run until May 21, 2021 and we are still looking forward to every donation.

Alternatively, you can donate directly to our account with the subject Donation Art Route

Account holder: Kyllburg Verein (t) e.V.
Volksbank Eifel: DE87 5866 0101 000 3 8031 ​​16 – GENODED1BIT

Now we are starting the hot phase. We will shortly begin to erect the works of art, sculptures and installations. Every helping hand is needed for this. Volunteers are welcome to contact Stefan Gorges (Tel. 0160/97777977).

The Kyllburg art route will open on Saturday, June 5th, 2021. Until then, we would like to keep you up to date on our website www.kunstroute-kyllburg.de