24. January 2024 ChristianSchmidt

Canceled: Kai & Funky from TON STEINE SCHERBEN feat. Birte Volta

Concert Highlight in Summer

The concert was canceled

Is there a German rock band whose songs have hardly lost any of their relevance even after more than 50 years? Probably not many, but certainly one: TON STEINE SCHERBEN. After the early death of their singer Rio Reiser (†1996), the band returned to the stage in various formations in the new millennium. Two original SCHERBEN still tour German-speaking countries today: founding member Kai Sichtermann (bass, since 1970) and drummer Funky K. Götzner (from 1974, now cajón, percussion). From April 2023, they will be playing together with singer/songwriter nomad Birte Volta (vocals, guitar). Birte internalizes both the folk blues and the rock’n’roll that emerged from it with passion and poetry and draws on many years of street and stage experience at home and abroad, with her solo project and as a singer and guitarist in various formations of these genres (including BM STEREO). The trio draws on the repertoire of Rio Reiser and the SCHERBEN and keeps the memories of a rebellious time alive: the radicalism of the SCHERBEN, which was a lived everyday radicalism.

The band will perform on July 20, 2024, at 8 pm as part of the Kunstroute Kyllburg.