Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti

Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti


Her work meanders between performance, theatre, music, installation and composition. Ibelisse’s fascination stems on our bodies as mirrors, maps and the reflection of our identities; and how those qualities relate intimately with our territories, environments and spaces we inhabit. Her work likes to flirt with poetry, absurdism, spirituality and surrealism.The nature of her work is centred around the words ‘surrender’ and ‘trance’ which are recurrent aspects within her diverse variety of works and collaborations in different disciplines.She invites the visitors to reflect on how our bodies can, through our senses, achieve a non-daily state of reflection. Through their involvement, playfulness and willingness to give themselves to the pleasure of curiosity it is possible to create new systems of play and be able to land over and over into our bodies and therefore our surrounding territories.


We The Living

This work is a reflection on the loss of deep listening and the lack of time we have deprived ourselves from. In order to listen to those always in transformation territories we are at times asked to take pause and invite loud silence to voice.It plays with the concept of ‘nesting’ as an interactive playground that invokes the shape of a nest. There is fragility in coming to terms with our cyclical human experience. There is power in attending to our diverse needs of transformation during our lifetime. A nest invites you to cocoon, recoil, nurture and enter in a timeless experience. A nest as a collection of random landscape possibilities into an organized hyper-self-centred point ofview; by playing intimately with oneself perspective we might be able to play with the forest outlook.