10. May 2021 ChristianSchmidt

Press release

As part of the Kultursommer Rheinland-Pfalz, the Kunstroute Kyllburg will take place from June 5 to August 29, 2021. There is a lot to discover along the approximately 3 kilometers of forest paths in the city forest “Hahn”. Ten artists from the Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg and Germany let their creativity flow and present a total of 18 sculptures, installations and interactive objects.

Thist year’s theme of the Kultursommer Rheinland-Pfalz is “Northern Lights”. The Kunstroute Kyllburg also picks up on this theme – somewhat reduced to the “north” direction. The initiator of the Kunstroute and self-participating artist Olivier Rijcken defines the north as a place of transition/transformation; in addition, the north represents the winter season. Many objects directly reference to this definition.

The highlight of this year’s exhibition will be the so-called “Celtic Compass”. With a diameter of about 15 meters, it is placed in a prominent position within sight of the Gothic collegiate church. The circle, consisting of more than 70 upright tree trunks, is reminiscent of the stone circles of the Stone and Bronze Ages.

The Kunstroute Kyllburg explicitly invites you to discover all the objects for yourself. For those who need help with the interpretation, further information on the respective artist and his work of art is available on the website of the art route. A QR code for the respective object leads directly to the relevant information. In addition, a printed route booklet appears with all the information.

The Kyllburg art route is open to the public and most of it is barrier-free. Corona-compliant tours can be offered for those interested. Further information is available by email to info@kunstroute-kyllburg.de or on the website www.kunstroute-kyllburg.de.

Brief information

  • 3 still existing works of art from the first art route 2019
  • 18 new works of art
  • 10 of them are built from natural, sustainable materials
  • 3 works of art invite you to interact
  • The artists come from 5 European countries
  • Visitors can hike 2-3 km along the art route in about 1.5-2 hours

List of participating artists and helpers (nationality, place of residence)

  • Jan Koke (DE, Hamburg)
  • Ibelisse Ferragutti (IT, Amsterdam)
  • Bert Kramer (NL, Amsterdam)
  • Dirk Schellekens (BE, Antwerp)
  • Koosje Schmeddes (NL, Antwerp)
  • Josiane Ginter (LU, Malberg)
  • Ben Hirtz (DE, Malbergweich)
  • Mimi van Bindsbergen (NL, Malberg)
  • Katherina Bornefeld (NL, Kyllburg)
  • Christian Schmidt (DE, Wilsecker)
  • Olivier Rijcken (NL, Kyllburg)

Complementary work
Heinz Grün, Eugen Hennig and many other helpers
Uli Seitz and Paul Seitz