In my sculpture “Nothing Is Unstable” I deal with the question of how it comes about that something arises from nothing. The nothing and its counterpart something, their duality, their mutual dependence and the transition of the one into the other state fascinate me.

My sculpture is intended to draw attention to this fundamental law of nature and raise the question of how far this duality of things can be transferred to other areas of life.


“I believe letters are universal and individual at the same time – Almost all people use writing in one way or another to express themselves. In my work I try to break letters down to the lowest common denominator and free them from cultural influences. I want to know how they work in order to get closer to their original essence and thus develop a universal language. In this language I then tell my subjective stories, in which the signs shift into the abstract. This translation of inner experiences into a visual language and the depiction of an authentic self-image in combination with what is common to all people excites me.”

After many smaller experiments with different materials and a steadily increasing interest in depicting plasticity in my paintings, this work is now my first, larger sculpture. For me, it was exciting to leave my familiar environment of painting and engage with a completely new medium and material.

Jan Koke lives and works in Hamburg.

Portfolio Paper 2021
Portfolio 2021