21. May 2021 ChristianSchmidt

Report from the major construction site

There is hustle and bustle like on a large construction site. Heavy equipment is in use, chainsaws rattle, the shovels are swung violently. What is currently being built on the Stiftsberg will be the largest installation on the Kyllburg Art Route – the “Celtic Compass” – a circle of tree trunks and stones with a diameter of a good 15 meters.

The Celtic Compass was invented by the artist and initiator of the Kyllburg Art Route, Olivier Rijcken. “The Celtic compass has four portals that show the four cardinal points. This year the art route has the theme ‘North’. In the years to come we will address the other three cardinal points. This compass is a good fit,” says Olivier Rijcken.

The compass, with its tree trunks of different lengths and set up in a circle, is reminiscent of the Stone Age stone circles, above all the famous Stonehenge in England. Over 70 tree trunks will be built in at the end. Obtaining them was not always easy. The trees had to be laboriously pulled out of the forest with ropes and chains, often from very rough terrain. But thanks to the energetic help of many volunteers, this could be achieved.

The photo gallery shows a few impressions of the construction of the Celtic compass.