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Klaus der Geiger and Marius Peters at the Eifeler Hof Kyllburg

Foto: G. Neumann

On 28 October at 8 pm (admission 7.30 pm), a concert by Klaus der Geiger and Marius Peters will take place at the Hotel Eifeler Hof in Kyllburg as part of the Kyllburg Art Route. The organiser, the Kyllburg Verein(t) e.V., is very proud that these two artists will warm our hearts.

Venue: Hotel Eifeler Hof, Hochstraße 2, 54655 Kyllburg
Tickets cost €10 in advance and €12 at the box office.

Klaus der Geiger, the pseudonym of Klaus von Wrochem (*1940), is probably the best known German street musician. His music is a mixture of jazz, rock, folk and classical music. His trademarks are violin and dungarees.
And of course his commitment to a fairer world: many of his songs are protest songs and address global problems such as poverty, power, injustice, environmental pollution and waste of money. Ultimately, it’s about the love of life.

Marius Peters (*1989) is a Cologne guitarist who, after 13 years of classical training and numerous first prizes at national and international guitar competitions, has focused on classical music and jazz. He has been playing together with Klaus der Geiger for several years. They have developed a programme in which they alternately play their own compositions and arrangements.

Order tickets?

Send an e-mail to info@kunstroute-kyllburg.de and transfer the amount to the association’s account, stating your name and the number of tickets. Your tickets will be reserved and will be ready for collection at the entrance.

Account holder: Kyllburg Verein(t) e.V.
Reason for payment: Concert Klaus der Geiger & Marius Peters
IBAN: DE68 5865 0030 0008 0438 53