19. June 2023 ChristianSchmidt

Concert of the brass band Blaast de Bazuin

Blaast de Basuin am 17.06.2023 in Kyllburg

On Saturday 17 June 2023, the brass band “Blaast de Bazuin” from the Netherlands was a guest in Kyllburg. For more than 60 years, the band has been playing music between Oude- and Nieuwebildtdijk in Friesland with great enthusiasm. In the course of time, a brass band developed into a brass band that now plays in the fourth league and is conducted by Piet Visser. The band not only gives concerts, but also regularly takes part in competitions and festivals – and with success.
The concert as part of the kunstroute Kyllburg took place at Camp Kyllburg. The 27 musicians offered a good one-hour concert at the highest level. Modern arrangements alternated with demanding solo parts. It was a real listening pleasure, which the 130 guests rewarded with much applause.

The next concert at Camp Kyllburg will take place on Friday, 23 June 2023 in the series “Kyllkonzerte” with the Musikverein Kyllburg. It will start at 7.30 pm. Admission is free.