Leonie Mertes

Leonie Mertes


Leonie Mertes *1967 lives and works in the southern Eifel. Milestones such as the European Art Academy in Trier and various group exhibitions led to the study of free art at the Saar University of Fine Arts. (Diploma in 2022, currently studying for a master’s degree with Prof. Katharina Hinsberg) The current focus is on works WITH and IN paper. Open and sensitive to nature, LANDART in Kyllburg presents itself as a new challenge. In the context of the theme of nature, the work IN paper reflects in its core the violation of nature and the approach of healing.

Gewendet (2022)

Tinder fungi are primarily regarded as parasites that attack weakened deciduous trees. But they also possess healing powers. The beauty of the console-like, finely chiselled formations of the fruiting bodies has lead Leonie into an artistic exploration. The graphic intervention in the underside exposes differentiated structures. The reversal of the natural perspective on the direction of growth of the sponge forces us to look closely. The questioning of the usual view is at the same time a questioning of our relationship to the nature that surrounds us.

Kallus (2022)

The tree in the Stiftswald was damaged during the construction work.
Large areas of sapwood are exposed.
Loss of bark, bast, cambium is injury, giving pests access. The bare skin of the tree is exposed in the limited oval.
Symbolism of the closure attempt through injury-relieving confinement with tree balm.
Additional ‘building material’ for building new tissue, protective aid supporting overgrowth.
Hope for cooperation of the materials and successful healing.