Christof Janik

Christof Janik


Christof Janik, born in 1968 in Danzig, Poland, moved to the Eifel in 2013 and opened a gallery in 2015. Since 2020 he felt the urge to also educate himself further as an artist resulting in the selection at the European Artacademy in Trier.

Moment (2022)

Christof: I deliberately refrained from writing an article because das Moment and der Moment have different meanings in German, but both fit my work.

der Moment:
1. moment, point in time
2. short period of time

das Moment:
decisive circumstance; feature; point of view.

The Latin meaning of the word is
– Movement, motive power

Somewhere in our human history something has gone wrong and it is high time to fix it if we are to have any hope. Now is the time to move, because when the sun goes down, so will a colourful shadow.

This sculpture is located on the “old Kyll Bridge” (near the Pizzeria, Bademer Strasse)