André Käpper

André Käpper


André Käpper (1963) is a freelance musician and sculptor from Densborn-Altenhof with numerous exhibitions and participation in international symposia/projects. He often works with wood and other natural materials.

All his works are based on found wood from the surrounding area. On his search through forests and old sheds, he is particularly interested in dead branches and trunks with traces of insect damage, but also agricultural wooden tools and furniture fragments. A common characteristic of these found woods is that they have become the bearers of traces of human or animal life. In the aesthetic realisation, these signs of living communication become visible in a new context:

Tension-Objects (2022)

“All life arises at the interface where opposing forces meet.”
The tension objects are a visualisation of opposing forces, right down to the choice of materials: stone, wood, wire. The connecting element of the works corresponds to both traditional woodworking methods such as “smoking”, wooden pegging and interlocking, as well as unusual joining with wire rope and industrial tensioning elements.

These objects are located in the pavilion at the Eifeler Hof (Hochstrasse)

Scripted objects (2022)

My wooden panels are only readable in a coded system that wants to be aesthetically accessible. They are orders, rows of enigmatic wooden beetle tracks whose peculiar magic has been heightened with sculptural means and are reminiscent of linear lettering, which, however, refuse any resemblance to the conventionalised code. They are border crossings between primeval form and dissolution of vital life – they are expressions of vital life.