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When Kunstroute Kyllburg was first installed in the Kyllburger city forest “Hahn” in the summer of 2019, hardly anyone would have thought that the response would be so great. The creative and sometimes controversial installations, which were positioned throughout the forest, invited young and old on a journey of discovery and stimulated thought. The artworks, many of the them inspired by Land Art, aim to be eco-friendly, blend in the landscape, emphasise nature or articulate local myths and stories. The interaction between art and nature is an interesting one, one which totally fits our present times.

Since 5th of June 2021 the second edition is officially open. Visitors are welcome to experience the different spheres in our city Park “Hahn” and discover the more than 20 works of art, made by local and international artists. A free booklet with map and more information is available in German in local venues like the Shop-in-Shop (Hochstrasse 9), Camp Kyllburg, Pizzeria Bella Italia, Hotel zur Post and the Tourist Information. On this website you can also find a map of the area with routes and all artworks. The coloured paths, marked with coloured wollen stripes, will help you find your way. By scanning the QR-codes on the signs more the detailed information (on this website) about each artwork is made directly available. The official route will end this summer on the 29th of August. Probably many installations can still be found after this date.
This Kunstroute was made possible with financial support of local municipalities, foundations, organisations, companies and the effort of many local Kyllburgers. As Kunstroute team we are thankful for this support. We see it as an encouragement to carry on and expand the Kunstroute. In the coming years, we hope to create an attractive route where people can enjoy art and nature all year around. If you want to support us please do so by liking our Facebook page, tipping friends or by giving a financial donation.
If you are interested in a guided tour please check our set dates and reserve by mail (max 25 p ). A tour on another date is also possible but needs to be planned well in advance. Please mail us so we can see what can be arranged.

Further practical tips:
– Be receptive and curious, you may discover things we have not yet seen
– Please be so kind to not leave any litter.
– Enjoy being out there!

Kind greetings from the Kunstroute-team!

My sculpture can last for days or a few seconds — what is important to me is the experience of making.
I leave all my work outside and often return to watch it decay.

Andy Goldsworthy, Land-Art Artist
Kunstroute 2019


A brief review of the installations on the last Kunstroute.

Kunstroute 2019